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There are places on Whidbey that comfort the senses. Our natural world does that for me, and so does Llynya’s in Freeland.

A visit to its webpage notes that “…Llynya’s is both a ‘Purveyor of Sacred Gifts,’ and a ‘Sanctuary for the Spirit.’”

“This world is just as important as any other,” said Llynya Carey, who has run the soul uplifting store for 24 years. “And really necessary during these times.”

The world Llynya refers to includes angels, aromatherapy, meditation, positive vibrations, sacred art, tarot, astrology, and other esoteric arts that have long been practiced. They are guides or tools to support our senses and spirit, Llynya said.

Books, candles and stones at Llynya’s Gifts

“Everything that comes into this shop comes through my curating, my wanting it to nourish the soul. And the space itself? I’ve always envisioned it as a place for people to feel supported. To feel the energy. The connections.”

Over the years, she has added crystals and stones to the store’s collection of candles, books, jewelry, handmade gifts, art and fun adornments. In her energy work, Llynya tunes in to the healing properties of specially selected crystals and stones. Additionally, the shop offers guides to many spiritual pathways. All are welcome.

“Almost 90 percent of what is here comes from small, women-owned companies around the United States,” Llynya added. “I look for that consciously—things created with healing intentions.”

Crystals and stones–90% of the items in Llynya’s Gifts are from small, women-owned businesses around the United States

Wanting to help and a love of people is a strong current which has flowed through Llynya’s life over the years.

“When I look back, there’s a thread.,” Llynya said. “My inspiration for the store developed out of my experiences.”

As a child growing up in Longview WA, Llynya was interested in the magical side of life. Her family supported her curiosity and interest in reading, and cultivating her imagination. They had been raised in the Great Depression in the 1930s, and lived with WWII’s impact on the country.

“They had a sense of inclusiveness with others,” Llynya recalled. “I got their support in seeing an expanded view of the world. I found nature in my yard. I was a child who wandered and explored in my own world.”

Before she attended college, Llynya read books on science fiction and fantasy, being inspired by other beings and other realities. Her interest in a bigger world led her to major in cultural anthropology, and an interest in studying how the world’s people shaped their lives—what was important to them and their connections to the world around them. Later she earned a master’s degree in social work from UW.

The degree led her to working as a hospital social worker providing support and counseling to families and patients, including those in oncology at Providence Hospital in Seattle during the 1980s. She was the social worker on the first hospice team at Providence.

“At that time hospice was a new concept for a lot of people, even in health care,” Llynya recalled. “My role, with others was to coordinate with staff and spend time with families and patients. Sometimes I would sit at bedside for those who didn’t have family to be with them and were dying.

“During my time as a social worker I had the opportunity to explore diverse spiritual systems,” Llynya added. “My interest and exploration of various cultural belief systems and spiritual paths grew. I began to meet people from different walks of life with different spiritual backgrounds. My world opened up.”

Her world opened in a new direction when she started a family.

Llynya married, had a baby and moved to Whidbey Island. She wanted to continue her work helping others, along with exploring her own unique spiritual path. She took part in a year-long study in spiritual perspectives geared toward a life of greater harmony. This experience continued for several years with the Chinook Community at the Whidbey Institute. Llynya hosted various workshops, along with being a member of, and later, president of its board.

After managing Warm Wind Books in Clinton, Llynya was later inspired to open her own gift shop and bookstore in Freeland. It became Llynya’s in 1999, and is a place where “…people can feel safe. A place where people could find something that touched their heart or a special gift for someone else.”

Llynya offers SoulLight sessions, which can put one in touch with their spirit guides.“I do healing and meditative sessions that include special channeled messages, guided meditations and crystal bowl and voice toning,” Llynya explained. “Afterwords, I’ve noticed that people feel a deeper connection to soul with a sense of peace and harmony.”

Regarding the SoulLight sessions, Justin, a devotional artist and shamanic journey practitioner, is quoted on Llynya’s webpage.

There is a deep and ancient knowledge that always seems to seep through sessions, which are deeply transformative, and her voice and crystal singing bowl penetrate right to the core,” Justin noted.

Entrance to Llynya’s Gifts in Freeland

Besides the unique gift shop, Llynya’s hosts sessions or workshops with practitioners of complementary therapies, such as Reiki, Reconnective Healing, astrology, channeling, tarot card guidance, psychic readings and clearings, sound healings, heart-centered-hypnotherapy, and more. Lllynya suggests visiting the shop, for the most current information.

Through her practice as a social worker, and in her current sessions, Llynya has learned to listen and let others’ concerns flow through her and move on.

“It’s like being a social worker in a different way,” Llynya said. “People come in with their burdens. I may recommend a meditation they can use, or suggest tools they can use on their own. Being in ‘service’ all these years, listening to someone with a difficult experience, when they leave, I can allow that part of me that wants to fix, to let go, trusting they are on their right path.”

Just today—Feb. 7–Llynya phoned to say she had such an uplifting experience with visitors to the store. She emailed: “I am also honored everyday with meeting the most wonderful people who share their stories of love, inspiration and hope.”

Being surrounded by the healing ‘gifts’ of the store, “…from the books, crystals, stones, incense, smudge, candles, jewelry…all provide a gentle healing essence,” Llynya said. “All those things help me, too, because they’re here all the time. Using aromatherapy spray for releasing energy, or smudging with incense—I’m happy to have that around me, because I know it helps.”

Citrine rainbow crystal

Stop by Llynya’s in Freeland at 1679 Main Street, Suite C. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 12-5. Phone number is 360-331-3696. Appointments can be arranged outside the regular hours. Email address is – Instagram @llynayas_crystals_of_light.

Visit  Llynya’s webpage here.

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