The Langley Library will close Feb. 17 for a planned upgrade, and re-open Feb. 23 in its temporary quarters, in rooms 114 and 115 at the South Whidbey Community Center on Camano Avenue. The current timeline for construction can take up to a year. To view the latest iteration of the library’s design, visit this website.

Langley Library’s temporary home will occupy rooms 114 + 115 at the South Whidbey Community Center starting Feb. 23, 2024. Rendering from Sno-Isle Library webpage, “Langley Library Remodel Project.”

What follows is from a Sno-Isle Library press release, Langley Library Springs into Action:

Commitment to Library Services

While construction is underway, our commitment to providing library services in Langley remains unwavering. Our community will be able to pick-up their holds, get help from our staff, and more.  

Road so Far

Our cherished library in the heart of Langley will have its storied walls enhanced while preserving its rich history. Sno-Isle Libraries collaborated with the City of Langley and our community as we collectively envisioned the next 100 years. After this project is complete, our community will be able to enjoy reading nooks, an interactive children’s area, and a new meeting room to gather with your neighbors and friends. 

This project is moving forward following approval from the City of Langley’s Design Review Board, Historic Preservation Commission, and the Langley City Council. In 2021, Sno-Isle Libraries was awarded a $700,000 Washington State Library Capital Improvement Grant to improve accessibility and update the building, while preserving the historic nature of the Langley Library. The total project cost is around $4 million with contributions from Sno-Isle Libraries, a state grant, generous contributions by the Friends of the Langley Library and Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation. 

This impactful investment in the historic Langley Library will set the stage for the next 100 years of library services for our community. 

The following information is taken directly from Sno-Isle Library’s website, Langley remodel project overview:

The Langley Library is a nearly 100-year-old historical site. Passionate community members, including the Friends of the Langley Library, were instrumental in bringing a library to Langley in 1923. The 3,600 square foot building is owned by the City of Langley, and Sno-Isle Libraries is collaborating with the city to revitalize the Langley Library while preserving its heritage.

Overhead view of current Langley Library. Photo from Sno-Isle Library>Langley Library>photo album

Revitalize your library

The project will include interior and exterior upgrades to improve accessibility and energy efficiency while preserving the historic nature of the building.

The design concepts are a direct reflection of our community voices. They also draw upon the library’s rich history as a convening space for everyone. The surrounding natural landscape is incorporated throughout the designs, with color and textures inspired by Saratoga Passage and greater Puget Sound. The library building will be enhanced to become even more of a jewel in historic downtown Langley, and an inclusive, inspiring space for all.

How is the project funded?

The total project cost is anticipated to be around $4 million.

  • $700,000 Washington Library Capital Improvement Grant
  • Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation
  • Friends of the Langley Library
  • Sno-Isle Libraries will invest matching funds for the Washington Library Capital Improvement Grant.

Sno-Isle Libraries is approaching funding capital projects in ways that reflect and align with each community. We are optimizing funding by pursuing a combination of sources – grant funding, capital campaigns, regular levy funds – and reducing the reliance on public bond elections.

Architect for the Project

MSR Design

Project Overview

  • January 2024: Valdez Construction from Whidbey Island will begin construction on Feb. 20, 2024. The last day of service at the library will be Feb. 17, 2024.  Temporary library service will begin on Feb. 23, 2024 at South Whidbey Community Center.
  • January 2024: Preparing for continued library service during construction. Construction contract is in its final stage before signing.
  • October 2023: Bidding process for a contractor has completed and a construction contract is in the works. Permitting with the City of Langley is in process. Planning for library services during construction has begun.
  • July 2023: The Langley remodel project plans were submitted for permitting and sent out to bid for vendors.
  • February 2023: The Langley Library remodel is approved to move forward with city staff on permitting. On February 6, City of Langley staff and Sno-Isle Libraries presented a briefing on the proposed Langley Library remodel design to the City of Langley Council.
  • January 2023: On January 18, the City of Langley’s Design Review Board recommended approval of the design plan as presented. The covered bike rack is supported but will be explored further.
  • January 2023: Moving forward with the latest iterations of the Langley Library remodel design for the City’s Historic Preservation Commission and the Design Review Board (approved 1/10), before presenting to the City Council for final approval.
  • November 2022: Meet with City of Langley’s Design Review Board
  • November 2022: Aligning with the Cascade Connector Project, a project building “pocket parks” in Langley
  • October 2022: Pre-application review with the Historic Preservation Commission
  • August 2022: Addendum to Annexation Agreement to approve the Library Upgrade Project
  • August 2022: Host the community for Langley Library Remodel Sneak Peek.
  • March 2022: June 2022 – Sno-Isle Libraries community engagement to collect feedback and comments, including an online survey and a library display.
  • July 2022: Archaeological survey completed to honor Tribal land and found no artifacts on site.
  • May 2022: LEED Commissioning process begins with the establishment of energy efficiency and sustainability goals for the project
  • February 2022: On site assessment of Langley Library building by MSR Design Architects
  • July 2021: Sno-Isle Libraries secured $3.1 million in state capital grants
  • 2013: Addendum to the Annexation Agreement to update City and Library responsibilities for landscaping services, janitorial, and utility services to the library building
  • 2010: Voters approve annexation of the City of Langley into the Sno-Isle Libraries district
  • 1994: Additions made to west side of building
  • 1980: Additions made to west side of building
  • 1923: Construction of Langley Library, dedicated to the memory of those who served in World War I







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