Update! About 70 members of the community took a peek at Langley Library’s proposed remodel and design at a community meeting Aug. 30 at 6:30 pm. 

Sno-Isle Library staff and MSR Design, an architectural team which designs libraries, presented a conceptual plan, which incorporates community input. Plans are to update the Langley Library with improved accessibility, improved energy efficiency, a meeting room, an additional restroom, plus additional space downstairs for browsing, and quiet areas. The library’s update will preserve the historic aspects of the building. Preliminary design of the library can be found here.

MSR Design is a national leader in public library design, has designed libraries for more than 40 years in 34 states, has completed more than 350 library projects locally, nationally and internationally; and recently won an international award for best public library for its design of the Missoula Public Library.

Tuesday’s presentation will include 2D and 3D renderings with Virtual Reality technology, which can help visualize the future library space.

The renovation is funded In partnership with the City of Langley, which owns the building, and a $700,000 award from the state’s Library Capital Improvement Program, plus matching funds from Sno-Isle Libraries, and supplemented by the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation.

Built in 1923, the original Langley Library was dedicated to the memory of those who served in World War I. Two additions in 1980 and 1993 followed. The building’s use and community needs have since evolved.

For more information visit this link: BiblioEvent for public presentation.

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  1. Dianne Iverson on

    i don’t even like the type of designs by that firm … so sterile! is langley already committed to this path without its own community input?? that is a keystone building and so important it keeps the ‘ambiance’ of our small seaside city!

    • Kate Poss | With Photos by David Welton on

      Important that you show up and make your thoughts known, Diane. I understand that the facade of the Langley Library will remain pretty true to what it is now. Thanks for weighing in.

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