The Shimmy Mob is fundraising for the month of May to raise funds for CADA, a Whidbey Island non-profit, which provides free, confidential assistance for survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, rape, child sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

This is Whidbey’s David Welton photographed the event earlier this month. He wrote in an email: “My thoughts: this was a fun event, there is a lot of camaraderie and no body shaming. Some were older, and some were younger. Some were tattooed, but all were proud and comfortable with their body habitus. Dancing, maybe can save the world.”

Tessa Karno, organizer for the event, wrote these words in an email to David:

“Shimmy Mob is an international belly dance flash mob held annually in support of victims of abuse worldwide. Now in its twelfth year, the world-wide event is held on the second Saturday in May, World Bellydance Day. Teams of belly dancers around the world dance the same choreography to the same music to raise awareness of the signs of abuse and fundraise for local shelters and organizations that deal with all spectrums of abuse.

“The Whidbey Island Shimmy Mob movement has grown and this year we had a second team form. Oak Harbor was registered to be part of the Shimmy Mob International flash mob by team leader Megan Speece in addition to team Langley, WA, headed by team leader Tessa Karno. The two teams of belly dancers banded together to flash mob in every city on the island going up the island.

“This year the Shimmy Mobs teams are fundraising for CADA, Citizens Against Domestic Violence and Abuse, supported by the Langley, WA team and the Oak Harbor, WA Shimmy Mob team is fund raising for Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

This is a fun event, held for a serious cause and all are welcome to join. Our participants range from complete novices to seasoned professions. We are inclusive and welcoming to anyone who wants to participate. We will also be fundraising the whole month of May. More information is available at ShimmyMob, or you can email

Sponsors for the event include: Kathy Craven – Craven Insurance; Victoria Karno – Whisky and Scotch Tasting Events; Wendy Beedle – Enchanted Beedle, Coupeville; Claudia Sámano-Losada – In Motion Studio; Badeah – Small Things Handmade with Great Love;  and Dustin Yongue –  Second Hand Booty.

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