For the first time since 2019, Langley locals and visitors welcomed the return of their beloved gray whales and resumed gathering in person with a celebration parade. The Langley Whale Center helps sponsor the festive event. This year folks went all out for the parade. David Welton took these excellent photos.

City of Langley’s new police chief – Tavier Wasser, greets parade attendees. He is a South Whidbey High School alum and former Island County sheriff patrol deputy.
Happy woman in fishing shirt is part of the festive Welcome the Whales Parade in Langley April 18
Boy wearing Orca costume enjoys pleasant weather in Langley for the April 18 Welcome the Whales parade
Blue haired mermaid struts down Second Street at Langley’s Whale parade.
Feeling the rhythm of the moment honoring the return of whales in Langley’s April 18 Welcome the Whales parade
Chris Harshman center, and Mark Wahl, right, welcome the whales with music
Mer people get decked out for the Welcome the Whales Parade April 18 in Langley
Belly Dancer as part of the parade
Three of our local open water swimmers welcome the return of whales
At the end a mermaid and crustacean embrace


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