Plein Air painters added to Coupeville’s creative landscape last week. The Pacific NorthWest Art School hosted a Plein Air Paint Out that drew inspired artists to create, display and perhaps sell their work at week’s end. This is Whidbey’s photographer David Welton captured a day in the life of outdoor painters practicing the art of En Plein Air.

“The artists are a lovely bunch and so enjoy being here painting, competing for awards and prize money, and of course, selling their artwork!” Lisa Bernhardt, executive director of the Pacific NorthWest Art School wrote in an email.

Visiting the town last Tuesday, David Welton noted, “There was no instructor. It was a free form contest–paint wherever you want. I spoke with a bunch of painters, all relaxed and having fun. Ambassadors for the school and their art. There were 60-70 participants.”

Here are a sampling of the artists David Welton chatted with and photographed:

Gary Binder moved to Whidbey in June. He is meeting new friends and getting to know the island.

Artist Gary Binder with a framed painting of the Coupeville Wharf. Gary participated in the Pacific NorthWest Art School’s Plein Air Paint Out Aug. 16-22

Meredith Cannon arrived on Whidbey Island last February. “She was very helpful to me at the Whidbey Island Fair,” David said. He was a superintendent at the fair’s Fine Arts building last month. “She enjoys the playful side of finger painting. She won first place in FIne Arts at the fair.”

Artist Meredith Cannon is hands on during a Plein Air Paint Out hosted by the Pacific NorthWest Art School Aug. 16-22
Artist Meredith Cannon uses her hands to create an impressionist view of the Coupeville waterfront
Meredith Cannon moved to Whidbey Island last February. Her mixed media pieces won a first place award at the Whidbey Island Fair in the Fine Arts Division
Artist Meredith Cannon’s impression of the Coupeville waterfront, created during a Plein Air Paint Out sponsored Aug. 16-22 by the Pacific NorthWest Art School.

Artist Karen Bakke traveled to Coupeville from Snohomish County and sold her painting before it was even completed.

Snohomish County resident Karen Bakke sold her painting before she finished.
Karen Bakke’s base layers for a painting of a boat that was sold before being finished
Snohomish County artist Karen Bakke sold this painting before she even finished it.

Artist Sara Pendergast arrived at the wharf at 6:30 AM to capture the early morning light, then turned to the west and painted this shoreline scene.

Artist Sara Pendergast’s early morning arrival Aug. 17 found her painting more than one canvas
Sara Pendergast checks out the scene on the Coupeville wharf while taking part in a Plein Air Paintout, sponsored by the Pacific NorthWest School of Art
Plein Air painter Sara Pendergast painted this painting at 6:30 and then painted a landscape scene later

Recently arrived on Whidbey Island from Virginia Artist Anne Pfeiffer painted scenes at the Coupeville Wharf.

Virginia transplant to Whidbey Anne Pfeiffer pains a scene of the Coupeville wharf during a Plein Air Paint Out Aug. 16-22
Artist Anne Pfeiffer recently moved to Whidbey Island from Virginia and takes part in the Pacific NorthWest Art School’s Plein Air Paint Out Aug. 16-22

Artist Charlene Hall’s work is admired by a woman who is art to look at.

Artist Charlene Hall paints at the Coupeville Wharf while a woman, art in her own expression, looks on

Sara Lane, a West Point graduate and military veteran, painted scenes at the Fort Casey Lighthouse. A former employee of Island County Beach Watchers who once worked at the lighthouse, Sara returned to paint scenes at this historic site. She likes to paint miniatures on Altoid® mint tins as well as the cigar box seen in these photos.

Artist Sara Lane paints in the Plein Air style from a bunker at Fort Casey State Park
Sara Lane paints in Plein Air style for a revisit to the Fort Casey Lighthouse where she used to work for Island County Beach Watchers
Sara Lane, a West Point graduate and military veteran, used to work at the Fort Casey Lighthouse and returned to paint a cigar box during a Plein Air paint out sponsored by the Pacific NorthWest Art School Aug. 16-22
Military veteran Sara Lane, a West Point graduate, returns to Fort Casey Lighthouse, where she once worked for Beach Watchers, and paints this scene of the lighthouse

This woman was impressed enough by the Kingfisher book store to paint it for the Plein Air Paint Out.

Setting up a canvas on Coupeville’s Front Street last week, this Plein Air painter has her eye on the Kingfisher book store

Framed by this Front Street shop, a straw-hatted artist and her canvas:

Pacific NorthWest Art School in Coupeville hosted a Plein Air Paint-out Aug. 16-22. This unnamed artist sets up her easel on Front Street in Coupeville



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