The SmileMobile is in Langley through April 14 this week and April 21 to 23 next week.

Patient Achelle, left, learns best practices for teeth brushing with Dr. Chris Delecki, center, and Karri Amundson, senior program officer for the Arcora Foundation

Low income and uninsured people are invited to phone 888-286-9105 to schedule an appointment at the mobil dental clinic, where babies through adults can have a dental exam, receive fluoride varnish, get sealants applied, have simple tooth extractions, get a temporary filling and have x-rays taken. The SmileMobile, partnering with Readiness to Learn, is parked at the South Whidbey Community Center — the former Langley Middle School campus —at 723 Camano Avenue in Langley.

“We come to South Whidbey a couple of times a year to meet the needs of families,” said Karri Amundson, senior program officer for the Arcora Foundation/SmileMobile. The non-profit is funded by the philanthropic arm of Delta Dental of Washington. “There’s quite a few people around the state who go without dental care. The need is so great. It can be hard, for instance, for a single mom to go to the dentist. There are economic factors, such as deciding whether to put food on the table or buy gas for the car.”

Karri Amundson, senior program officer for the Arcora Foundation – SmileMobile, demonstrates the right approach to brushing teeth

Besides offering treatment, staff will provide dental health education in cavity prevention, the importance of brushing teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, and eating healthy food.

As a followup to the mobile dental clinic, patients can receive additional dental care, sometimes free of charge.

“What is exciting, as part of the Arcora Foundation is we have DentistLink, a referral resource for Washington state residents linking people to community clinics that accept Medicaid or other coverage,” Karri added. “It’s a great resource. For example, if someone has an infection in their gums, they need to be seen. A lot of people don’t know where to go. They may be in pain. 

“ connects people to resources in their community. And people can be seen if they don’t have Medicaid.  You need a healthy mouth to bite and chew. Everyone deserves access to a dentist. This care needs to be equitable.”

The SmileMobile clinic is open Tuesday, April 13 until 4 pm; Wednesday, April 14 from 9 am until 4 pm; and next Wednesday, April 21 through Friday April 23 from 9 a.m. to 4 pm. Call 888-286-9105 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Chris Delecki, a dentist treating patients with the SmileMobile, studies a patient’s x-rays.
Call this toll-free number to schedule a dental appointment this week and next at a mobile dental clinic in Langley
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