In the face of a quick hail storm and blustery wind over the weekend, more feathers took to the canopy of trees at the Price Sculpture Forest. Wood artist Pat McVay, Scott Price, founder and creator of the Price Sculpture Forest, and neighbors Bob Davenport and David Young, lent a hand on March 7 to assemble cedar feathers made by Pat. The wood artist’s installation recalls the tale of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and fell into the sea.

Pat McVay, among his carved cedar feathers, part of an installation, ‘Icarus was here,’ at Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville
Scott Price helps guide a cedar feather as it is suspended from cables high in the forest
Wood artist Pat McVay with his original sculpture, “Icarus was here.” Since the initial installation, Pat has continued to carve more feathers to add to the space.


Wood artist Pat McVay, with one of his feathers in the ‘Icarus was here’ installation at Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville




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  1. 4leggedsgmailcom on

    Great photos David! and a great topic Kate! I love your voices, choices, and visions!!
    Elizabeth J

    • Kate Poss | With Photos by David Welton on

      Thanks, Liz, loved doing this story. Hope you are well. By the way, our cat Ollie has recovered. We continue to give him the Chinese Medicine. Hope to see you again and write more stories. I so enjoy your company.

  2. Lesley Boyland on

    Thank you for sharing these excellent photos and story. The Price Sculpture Forest, and the “Icarus” exhibit, are amazing enough already, but seeing the installation process just adds a whole new level of wonder to the experience of visiting this marvelous place.

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