We had a number of responses from readers who shared their memories of riding ferries as well as their thoughts on our last story, ‘Ferry Memories.’ We love hearing from you. Here is what you wrote:

Kristine Laak Schoolcraft (Kate’s FB page) — The Merrimac ferry crosses the Wisconsin River. I have taken our kids on this annually on our way home from up north vacations. We travel to Baraboo then through Devils Lake State Park and on to the ferry. Now Brad and Melissa’s lake house is just up the road Lodi side from the ferry landing and ice cream shop. If you are in Wisconsin this is a great experience for your kids or grandkids.

Gordy Blair (Kate’s FB page) — San Juan Islands hopping/bike touring, Fall 2014 – Orcas Island to Friday Harbor.

Reader Gordy Blair sent this ferry photo from a previous San Juan Islands ferry hopping adventure. Photo by Gordy Blair

Marsha Leslie Engle (Kate’s FB page) — Néw to the island back in 2000 and coming home from a night in Seattle. One of the last cars boarded on the last ferry! Whew! Made it! It was Karol White and me, having been at 5th Ave Theatre.

Annapoorne Coangelo (Kate’s FB page. Annapoorne has lived on Whidbey Island nearly 41 years) — I remember ferries to Whidbey from way back. One carried 10 or 13 cars and there were 2 benches for walk ons or ones wanting out of their car.

Sharen Heath (Kate’s FB page) — Our first green and white ferry ride was in September, 2000, when we visited the Seattle region, contemplating a major move from our home in CA. Arriving Mukilteo for a peek at Whidbey Island, it was like the Jerry McGuire film. “You had me at the ferry ride.” Both Simon and I were smitten, and here we are, 21 years later, still charmed by each and every ferry ride. And–on one of David Welton’s photos–“Wow. Just Wow.”

Leslie Franzen (Kate’s FB page. Also manager of Coupeville Library) — As a high school student on Whidbey, we often rode to the San Juan Islands for basketball games and stayed over the weekend with local families. It was a wonderful adventure and a great way to get to know other families and communities.

Bob Donegan, president of Ivar’s Restaurants (sent via email) — Those are some beautiful pictures.

Jane Henderson (sent via email) — What a great ‘look back’ collection of memories about something many can share. Cool photos too!!

Erin Simms (David Welton’s FB page) — Thanks for capturing these wonderful moments!!

Kit Alan Robbins (David Welton’s FB page) — I love your photo essays Dave!

Andrea Brown (David Welton’s FB page) — check out these stunning ferry photos by David Welton!

Linda Brown Navarro (David Welton’s FB page) — Beautiful!! Makes us miss Puget Sound!

Jim Carroll (David Welton’s FB page) — these are wonderful! Thanks David!

Debby Colfer (David Welton’s FB page + manager, Clinton Library) — Thanks for sharing this! I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

Wendy Ashford (David Welton’s FB page) — Fabulous photos!

Dan Pederson (David Welton’s FB page) — I love these–all of them.

Kevin Fristad (David Welton’s FB page) — Awesome set of pictures, David!

PFH Whidbey (commenting on This is Whidbey’s article on the story) — I also remember that day in November 2012 when the parking lot behind the Diamond Knot flooded; my little commuter car was toward the back and had about 6 inches of water in it; a friend with a dry truck ferried me out close; rolled up my suit pants, got in, and it started; most water drained out going up the hill; insurance covered all the repairs – which the detail shop really did a good job on; the radio/sound system was fried; then the City of Mukilteo covered the deductible. After that we were allowed during the period of April-October to park in the lot across from the Lighthouse; I knew I was officially retired when I did not renew my parking spot.

Joann Hamick Quintana (David’s FB page and member of Langley Creates) — David allowed Langley Creates creative district to use this iconic photo for our write-up on the state’s ArtsWA website. Gorgeous! Thank you again, David! Photo mentioned is this article’s Featured Image.


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