Typically the days following Christmas and New Years are a let down. But the Langley Main Street Association  and glassmaker Callahan McVay chased the blues away by hosting the annual Sea Float Scramble last Saturday at Seawall Park and at the Langley Park for children under 5.

Callahan’s miniature sea float creations were the prize and a thousand-plus of the orbs were up for grabs. Early gatherers were lucky to get a globe. Others, like a mom and her two kids visiting from the mainland, arrived too late. She bought a pair at Callahan’s Firehouse, two for $70, where the artist sells his creations and visitors blow their own glass art.

The scramble was over within a few minutes and the surging crowd poured into local eateries for hot cocoa to warm up. All around town, the lucky ones who scored an orb held them up to the light and looked in awe.



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