While meteorologist Cliff Mass writes that yesterday Dec. 20 was ‘the darkest day in Seattle history,’ Langley celebrated the Advent Season with a lantern walk that brought us light.

Shannon Arndt, owner of Soundview Center Physical Therapy, wrote in a flyer: “Is it only for kids? No! This walk is a chance for all of us to show our inner light, and to use our lanterns as a symbol of our spirit as a community. It may be the darkest time of the year but South Whidbey has a lot of light to share with the world!  Everyone is invited to make a lantern and walk in the Parade! The lantern parade is a creative collaboration based in community participation. Be the parade!”

The evening began at Healing Circles Langley at 4:30 with the building of a labyrinth comprised of evergreen boughs. Bringing light to a dark and rainy evening, gatherers walked from Healing Circles to the Soundview Center to warm up and gather for cookies and hot chocolate.

“The event was created by Soundview Center and Healing Circles Langley, and we got involved at Create Space as a co-sponsor,” says Peggy Taylor, who co-founded Create Space Langley, where the lanterns were made. “The lanterns are inspired by the turn of the season from the darkest day of the year. The intention was to create a beautiful event for children and families that would shine light on the beautiful children in our community.”

Advent dates back to 4th century, France, as a preparation prior to Epiphany, 12 days after Christmas.

May you take time to reflect on the season with wishes that your way is lit by hope and love.


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