Banish seasonal darkness and drive into the light. The City of Langley’s streets offer an antidote to the dark season. Whether it’s Tim Leonard’s unique light show at the Machine Shop, white lights wrapped in street trees or on our store fronts, this is the time to lighten up. Our photographer David Welton captured our Village by the Sea’s love of the natural world as well with his photos of an owl, crows, a robin, and whales. This is the time of angels. Notice where they are for a mood lifter.

My husband Bill Poss drove into Langley tonight–Friday, Dec. 6. Here are his words:

“Coming into the village from the forest darkness, suddenly in the distance an orange red and green glow beckons me forward. The lights at the arcade are the first of the Langley village Christmas experience.

“Somehow the warm glow of the lights piercing the dark night sky lift the spirits on the shortest days of the year.
“How briefly they shine during this Christmas season. If they could be always this way.

“The village has a new energy this time of year. Walking around the streets looking all the shops displays of the Christmas regalia somehow is nostalgic and bittersweet.

“The lights remind me of my childhood in Los Angeles as there were lights up every year as far back as I can recall.

“The angels on display at the Outfitters is a specially ethereal mystical magical divine wow.

“The South Whidbey Commons is a brilliant space with a shooting star across the roof especially sweet and uplifting.
“Floating globes seem to hang in the mid air in the night sky at the Doghouse oak tree.”
Our village during the holidays evokes a heartfelt sense of belonging. May you feel it when you next visit.
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